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Hannah Wants - ROOTS (1996-2005 Speed Garage & Bassline House Mixtape)

Published by in Dance Music · 28 April 2019
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Hannah Wants - ROOTS (1996-2005 Speed Garage & Bassline House Mixtape)

I’ve been meaning to make this mix for a really long time and whilst I know it won’t be to everybody’s taste, I wanted to showcase some of my favourites tracks from when I first began DJ’ing way back in 2002! I wanted to be able to show people where my love for music started and where for me, it all began.  You may or may not know that when I first started buying vinyl’s and learning to DJ I fell in love with Speed Garage, Bassline House, Funky House and UK Garage - a music genre/scene that dominated Birmingham (my hometown) at the time.  I started out with some not-so-tight Numark belt drive decks and slowly began teaching myself the art of DJ’ing. When I say slowly, I mean slowly...

For a short time I wasn’t even aware that I had to adjust tempo’s to mix a track and it’s safe to say my first couple of weeks practising didn’t sound too great! Fast forward twelve or so years, I’m now living my dream as a DJ!  I had SO much fun making this mix. It was both an amazing trip down memory lane and a pleasant surprise to realise that I sometimes drop a few tracks in my set now that I played allllllll those years ago!  I have absolutely no idea if this type of music was being played in your city/scene, wherever that may be around the world, however it’d be interesting to know... What I do know is that these Speed Garage / Bassline vibes were massive in the likes of Birmingham (UK) and Sheffield (UK) in the early 2000’s - if you were a part of the scene back in the day, you need no introduction!  This two-hour mix consists of 31 tracks that range in release year from 1996 to 2005. These 120 minutes are my ROOTS...

01. Fatima Rainey – Hey (Mount Rushmore’s Deep Vocal Mix)
02. Ladycop – To Be Real
03. Mass Medium – Got To Have It
04. Roger Ruff – Do Ya (Great Bass Mix)
05. DJ Pooch – Let The Bass Roll (Funky Mix)
06. Nu Force – When The Morning Comes (DJ Flavours Club mix) 07. Gordon Matthews – Itza Trumpet Thing
08. Robin S – Midnight (Ultimix 68)
09. Sara Parker – My Love Is Deep (Sharp Vocal Mix)
10. Silvio Ecomo – Uprising (Speed Garage Mix)
11. EEDB Vs Flirtations – Time (TnG Mix)
12. Funk Junkeez – Got Funk (Heavy On Da Bass Mix)
13. The ‘701’ Track
14. Agro DJ’s – Run To Me
15. Clubbit – All I Wanna Do
16. Celetia- Rewind (Rob Bee RMX)
17. GB Experience – Gimmie The Bass
18. Jonestown – Sweet Thang (Mustard Mix)
19. B15 Project & Mr Vegas – Birmingham Crew
20. 99 Allstars – Chemical Generation (Upstate J60 Vocal Experience)
21. Twin Town – Rock It
22. Twin Town – Risin’
23. Philly Station ft. Tammi Wright – Mon Supa Love (Agent Sumo RMX)
24. Ruff Driverz – Deeper Love (Ruff Mix)
25. Summer Junkies - Hey Y’all
26. Devoted - Gotta Have (Antoine & Mad Mark RMX)
27. Miss Peppermint – Let Me Hear The DJ
28. 2 Eivissa – Move Your Body
29. Fake – Outstanding (Perqx Disco Mix)
30. Luthor Vandross – Never Too Much (RMX)
31. Summer Junkies – Basslines Live Forever

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